Early Dismissal



Early dismissal counts the same as tardies.  Many of our students have been checked out frequently and this negatively affects their performance in class, thus resulting in a low grade.  Due to the frequent number of early dismissals, we will have a cut off time of 2:00 pm. Students should remain until the end of the day and parents are asked to schedule all appointments after 2:30 pm. 

Thank you.  I know that you appreciate our efforts to make sure students learn as much possible.



All car riders will be assembled in our multipurpose room.  Three adults will walk to each car to get the name of the car rider.  The student will then be called outside.  All parents are asked to remain in your cars and proceed around the car loop.  Please do not stand in the front entrance or come to the main entrance.  Students will only be called by the cars in the car rider loop.


This improves safety and helps us to ensure that students are leaving with the correct adult.