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March is Student Art Month


 Until March 21, the District Art Show will be on display at Tapp's Art Center ( on Main Street.  Twenty-six Dreher students from Art Foundation, Art II, Art III Honors and AP classes have contriubted sixty pieces to the show.  The District website describes this annual event.


The art work of four students of art teacher Laurie McKee were selected as the best Dreher entries in the Show.


First place went to senior Samuel Sawyer.  Julia Rayfied placed second; Mary Huth, third; and Florence Wang received honorable mention.  



A piece by Sarah Swan Kloos, senior AP Art student of Jennifer Gorlewski, has been chosen for display in the permanent collection at Dreher.  


Sarah Swan Kloos:




Florence Wang:


Mary Huth:



Julia Rayfield:



Sam Sawyer:




See more information about the annual art show at Annual District Art Show.



March is Student Art Month...


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...and fourteen of Dreher's art students are celebrating by displaying some of their work at Michael's Cafe on 1620 Main Street in Columbia.  The participating artists, students of Laurie McKee and Jennifer Gorlewski, are:  

Kalie Mathis, Elisa Allen, Julia Rayfield, Florence Wang, Lauren Skarbek, Brooks Skarbek, Jesse Guyton, Christell Holmes, Sarah Swan Kloos, Odalys Trejo, Clavin Coombs, Olivia Harvey, Emma Bliese and Rachel Evatt.


Be sure to visit both Michael's and Tapp's, close to each other on Main Street, to enjoy the talent on display.